What is Tweetping?

Tweetping is a tool accessible to all that helps users navigate through social media feeds by tracking and filtering the main networks in real time.
We are here to bring social data to life through smooth, crisp visualizations and help you track engagement, the evolution of marketing campaign, the spread of an information...

The Product

Real Time Social Tracker - Back end :

  • - Connection to social network’s streaming API’s
  • - Data Collection
  • - Data enrichment
  • - Storing, Indexing & Statistics
  • - Administration system (managing your streams, modifying keywords, moderation…)

Interactive widgets - Front end :

  • - Map
  • - Message Wall
  • - Media Wall
  • - Activity

Or plug in your own! Already have your in-house visuals or want to create your module and connect it to our real time tracker?
No problem, read our API Documentation (REST + Websocket) and develop your own widget on top of our back end.


Tweetping is based on the Lightstream technology which was built to be the easiest way to track social activity in real time.
We use the latest technologies available in order to combine real time, availability and smooth visuals so you get the best experience.
100% responsive and embeddable in an iFrame or as a Javascript widget.


We have something for everybody. Start with our free Tweetping plan, and if you need more, switch to one our Flexible or Pro plans.
We host it and manage everything for you. Just enter you keywords and you’re good to go! All you need to is relax and watch the social magic :)
Check our pricing plans here.